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The Most Loved Printer Brands...According To Social Media


We’re always keen to hear the opinion of ‘the people’ here at Cartridge World and frequently keep our finger to the pulse of social media in it’s many, many forms.

Recently, we’ve been playing around with a tool called Amplicate, which we discovered after reading this article by the Telegraph listing the most popular printer brands according to social media.

Amplicate is a potentially ego-boosting/destroying tool that collates the levels of ‘love’ and ‘hate’ a topic receives on social media, based on Twitter, Facebook and other social channels. Written way back in 2011, the Telegraph article used to Amplicate to determine which printer brands were the most popular based on their levels of ‘love’ and ‘hate’. Coming out on top was Canon with a whopping 97% love, while poor old Dell came bottom with a mere 19% love.

Anyway, we thought it was high time to give the list a 2013 update by delving into Amplicate ourselves. The following table lists the most popular printer brands over the past year according to social media - in instances where the ‘love’ percentage is lower than a higher entry, this is because the brand has received more ‘love’ over the past year.

Also, it’s important to note that most of these brands also make other, more popular technology that garners more opinions than printers - so Canon, for example, make a popular range of cameras while Samsung make some little-known mobile device called the Galaxy. The ratings listed are NOT solely based on printers!

Each brand also receives varying levels of opinion; obviously Samsung will receive the most because of their Galaxy range and attacks from Apple fanboys while Kyocera, a relatively small brand, has a smaller pool of opinion. We’ve listed the (UK) social media following for each brand to give you an idea of how much discussion each brand generates.

With that out of the way, here’s the 2012/2013 printer brand social media popularity chart, according to Amplicate!

Amplicate Table

So once again, Canon emerges as the most popular brand currently manufacturing printers by quite a distance. Samsung and Panasonic both boast percentages just over half but it isn’t so peachy for the other brands in the list. Perhaps the most worrying scores are for Lexmark and Epson, two brands best known for their printers.

The figures suggest that a lot of people aren’t happy with the technology they are using, particularly printers. In fact, a quick search for ‘printers’ on Amplicate reveals that the topic has a hate percentage of 95%!

The most commonly cited issues with printers including paper jams, printers not working as they should and, of course, the high cost of printer ink.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about the previous two. We can, however, help you learn to love your printer a little bit more with our low-cost range of compatible ink cartridges from most of the brands mentioned in this post. Pop down to your local Cartridge World store or browse the site to see how much you could save!