Cutting the additional costs of printing

The ease and convenience of instant document printing comes at a cost -- and it’s a lot more than just buying the printer and keeping it fed with paper, replacement cartridges or inks and toner.

Whose job is it anyway?

Keeping your printers running will involve other members of your staff. Maybe it’s IT or admin. Either way it’s all time taken away from what they’re really being paid to do.

In most businesses if anything goes wrong with the printer you first call your IT team. If they can’t find a quick fix, you’ll need an engineer. If you’re not on a contract, a callout could cost you £100. That’s before the cost of repairs. And when it comes to adding up the bill, there’s the time IT wasted looking at it in the first place.

Stock room blues

If you buy replacement printer cartridges, staff will be spending time sourcing the best buys. If you keep a stock of replacements you may well be dismayed to find out how much working capital is tied up in them. A manufacturer’s basic drum and toner unit can cost £60. So if you’re running lots of desktop printers, keeping a stock of replacements will soon add up.

And there’s the added risk of forgetting to re-order, so when you really need that printer; guess what . . . it runs out of toner or ink.

Help is at hand

The first step to take is arrange a free print audit. You can find out more by clicking here. Or click here to read more about Cartridge World Print Services.