Cartridge World Print Manager – the automated way to prevent your printers coming to a full stop

The reliability of modern office printers means we often take them for granted. But if your business relies on them, downtime can be costly. According to figures from one leading printer manufacturer, breakdowns cost European businesses, individually, an estimated average of £12,000 per annum.

These are some of the effects a printer breakdown can have on your business:

  • A disruption to your normal business process

A printer breakdown is a nuisance, particularly if you rely on one multi-function printer. Take a moment to think of how often staff use the printer – and what for – and you’ll soon see the level of disruption a printer breakdown causes.

  • A reduction in business productivity

Every business is different. But if yours comes to a full stop whenever your printer isn’t working, because it’s a core part of your business activity, you need to minimise the risk. An automated print management service will help you do this.

  • Running out of ink or toner at a business critical time

If your printer comes to a full stop just as you’re about to start your weekly or monthly invoice run, then it could be more costly than just the repair. For a start it will have a serious impact on cash flow. That might result in your bank account running into the red, causing you to pay additional interest and bank charges.

  • Poor print; poor impression

First impressions do count and poorly printed documents say something about the quality of your business. So, if your printer isn’t working properly, you need to get it fixed. Cartridge World Print Manager software monitors your printer, sending us an early warning that you need to get it fixed.

The solution?

Using Cartridge World Print Manager with your printers means you get an automated supply of cartridges, keeping your business printers printing, reducing hassle, saving time and, generally making your business more efficient.

It’s just one part of Cartridge World Print Services, your locally-based, managed print service, which can save you up to 30% on your business printing costs.

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