Buying the best printer for your business is all about asking the right questions

Buying a printer is about more than just price. It’s about buying the right one for your business needs. Asking the right questions will ensure you do that.

  • How quickly does it print?

A good inkjet printer will do 14 pages a minute; with a mono laser it’s up to 33 pages. So if your business printing needs are modest, you may find that an inkjet is perfectly ok for your needs.

  • What paper type and size does it take?

You’ll pay a 100-220% premium for a multi-function printer with A3 capabilities. It will use more power and maintenance costs are 26% higher. So, if you don’t need to print A3, an A3 printer is an expensive luxury. Remember to ask what weight of paper it will accommodate, in case you need to print on something a little thicker.

  • What quality of finish can I expect?

Print quality is determined by the DPI – that’s dots per inch, just so you know. The higher the DPI, the better the quality of the image. A laser printer will give you 600 DPIs – perfectly adequate for most document printing. Inkjets have a higher DPI and are better for colour or high spec printing.

  • What size paper trays has it got?

If you’re wanting to do high volume printing and your paper tray only holds, say 100 sheets, you’ll be up and down like the proverbial yo-yo! So it’s worth asking this question.


Cartridge World – honest advice to help you cut costs

To come to the right decision, asking the right questions is paramount. That’s why to find out your exact document printing requirements, we’ve also got plenty of questions to ask you. We’ll give you honest answers too. That means, if having completed a free print audit, our conclusion is that your current printers are right for the job, we won’t try to sell you a new one. What we will do is tell you how Cartridge World Print Services can help you cut 30% off your document printing bill.

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