Considering signing up for a managed print services contract?

What’s not to like?

On the face of it, a managed print services contract makes sense. All your business printing needs wrapped up into one monthly payment. But our advice is beware. The small print in your contract may be hiding some, shall we say, shady practices. And, long-term, they could prove to be expensive. As your local print experts we thought you’d find it handy if we highlighted some things to look out for.

What might be hidden in your contract. And what might not

  • Overs

Some contracts charge you for every additional page you print over and above your monthly allowance.

  • Unders

If you don’t use your full monthly allowance, you’ll still be charged for the pages you didn’t print! Nor will they be rolled over and added to next month’s allowance – you’ll lose them.

  • Fixed?

That fixed price you signed-up for may not be as fixed as you thought. If you end up exceeding your allowance, you’ll be charged extra.

  • Lock-ins

Do take a careful look at the length of the contract which could lock you for up to five years, regardless of whether the contract you signed up for still suits your business printing needs.

  • Renewals

Check when renewal is due – and when it ends. Most managed print service contracts automatically renew on the day after the contract ends, unless you give three months’ notice prior to the end of the contract.

Part of the deal may involve you buying new printers, even if your existing ones were fine. And, if your printer breaks down, how quickly will your supplier respond to your call? Also be aware that most contracts don’t include the cost of paper – you have to buy that yourself!

A world of difference

We do things differently at your local Cartridge World. We offer clear simple printing solutions – with a contract to match. For a fixed monthly fee you’ll get paper, cartridges, hardware and – when it comes to maintenance – a truly local same day service. We’ll also keep in touch to ensure that, as your business grows and evolves, you’ve got the print set-up to meet your needs. What’s more, our aim is to cut the cost of your business printing – by up to 30%!

The best place to start is with a free print audit to assess the best way of meeting your current printing needs. To request one click here

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