Choosing the best printer for your business - don’t be blinded by science

Understanding what types of printer are available will help your decision making process. Basically there are three:

  • Inkjet

Really good for colour and high spec documents. With a low initial cost, inkjets are perfect for small businesses that need to print in colour but only at a low volume.  But replacement ink can be expensive, so talk to Cartridge World about their range of lower cost, fully guaranteed alternatives.

  • Laser

For a small business, printing basic documents, a mono-laser is perfect. It’s quieter, faster and will deliver a better finish. The front end cost may be higher than an inkjet, but running costs are cheaper because you’ll get a lot more pages per cartridge. So long-term, a laser can prove to be the more effective option.

  • Multi-function

Offer printing, scanning, photocopying and faxing in one machine. However they can be ‘Jack of all trades; master of none’. So if, for instance, you need high quality scanning, check output carefully before buying.


Cartridge World – we’re here to help

We’ve 20 years’ industry experience, enabling us to ask you the right questions to help you come to the right decision. What’s more, our advice is independent, so we can recommend the right printer for your business – regardless of brand.

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