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How to buy the best printer for your business

When it comes to buying a printer we all start at same place – what’s best for my business? And, of course, how much do I want to spend? To come to the right decision, these are the key factors you need to consider:

  • How much and what sort of printing do you – or will you – do?

If you print a lot – speed will be important. However if you’re running, for instance, a design studio, it’s more about quality and complexity. Also check the optimum number of pages the manufacturer suggests the printer will comfortably produce on a monthly or annual basis (the printer’s ‘duty cycle’).

  • How many staff need access to the printer?

If you want more than one member of staff to have access to the same printer, check that the printer has network connectivity. To be fair, most printers do – but it’s as well to check!

  • Do you need to print on both sides of the paper?

Printing on both sides of the paper (or duplex printing) can cut your paper bill by half. It’s also handy if you want to print leaflets and instruction manuals. However, beware of manual duplex which means you have to turn the paper over yourself!

  • Do you need a machine that can collate and staple?

Another great advanced function – but only worth paying for if you’re a high volume printer and can see a real need for this added extra.

Cartridge World – local independent advice you can rely on

Choosing the right printer for your business can be difficult. Get it wrong and you could find that your print is costing you a mint. That’s why it makes sense to talk to Cartridge World.

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