Looking to buy a new printer for your business?

Maybe you’re looking to replace an existing printer, need a new one because your printing needs have changed or you’re a new business just starting out. Whichever you are, buying a printer doesn’t just come down to a question of cost. It’s very much a case of horses for courses. Get it wrong and your print could end up costing you a mint!

So what do you need to consider?

Cost will probably be top of your list. But you also need to think about how much printing you do, how much print quality matters, additional features such as A3 capability, stapling or double-sided printing. To find out how to put together your list of features for the perfect printer, click here.

Asking the right questions

Knowing what questions to ask will help you come to the right answer when it comes to selecting the best printer for your business. Speed, volume and finish quality all come into the equation – but there’s more to it than that. To find out what sort of questions you should be asking, click here.

Tech talk

Is a laser cheaper than in inkjet? What kind of printing is an inkjet best suited for? What’s a multifunction?  Whilst some of us love talking tech, for others it’s a nightmare. But to help you select the best printer, you do need to know. Fortunately, simply by clicking here, you’ll find help is at hand!


Cartridge World – managing your print, cutting your costs

A free print audit will enable us to make recommendations on how to do this by managing all your business printing. Our proposals will be wrapped up in a Cartridge World Print Services print management package which covers the cost of printing (including hardware, consumables and maintenance) for one competitive monthly fee.

To arrange a print audit, click here.