The hidden costs of printing

For many businesses – 90% according to industry research - printing is a hidden cost.


And yet it gobbles up 3% of your business revenue.

Research by a printer manufacturer concludes that the average cost of printing per employee is £456 a year. Hard to believe?

Consider these facts:

  • 20% That’s the amount of business printing that never gets collected or is forgotten and ends up in the waste bin. That’s a massive waste of paper and toner.*
  • 40% That’s the additional cost per copy if a red dot is printed on an A4 sheet of paper. Do you really need to print in colour?
  • 50% That’s the amount of paper businesses could save simply by adopting duplex print.**


Managing your print

The good news is that simply by managing your print more effectively you can save up to 30% of the current cost.

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