Experience Cartridge World Sonar™ completely FREE if you sign up before 30th June 2017.


Introducing Sonar™ - NEVER run out of toner or buy too much again!

Cartridge World Sonar™ is a light app that enables businesses to see all of the printers in their network and how much each one is printing. It makes it easy to see which devices are being over or under-used and identifies cost saving opportunities, thereby helping you to manage all of the printers, multi-function devices and copiers through one simple viewer.


Benefits at a glance

  • Displays all of the printers, MFPs and copiers on the network.
  • Identifies devices that are being under-utilised or over-worked to help customers avoid repair bills and service call-out charges.
  • Advises when printer supplies will need to be ordered, helping customers to save money and only order exactly what they need, when they need it.
  • Helps to identify bad printing habits, such as unnecessary colour printing!


How does it work?

Accessed via a secure website, users can log-in and see a list of all devices on the network, exactly how much each device is being used in terms of page volumes and type of output (e.g. mono and colour), as well as seeing device cost-per-page, energy consumption, when toners and cartridges are due for replacement and much, much more.
The data is displayed in a simple dashboard and key information is clearly highlighted.
Cartridge World Sonar™ can also facilitate ‘just-in-time’ supplies management via Cartridge World Business Programme Partners so you never run out of cartridges and toners.


Is it difficult to use?

Cartridge World Sonar™ is incredibly easy to install. We manage the process remotely and users do not need any technical or IT expertise – all they need to do is click on the link we send through, log in and enter an activation code.

Your Cartridge World Business Programme Partner will provide you with:-

  • Website URL
  • Login
  • Password
  • Activation code


How much does it cost?

NOTHING. If you're a Cartridge World customer and you sign up before 30th June 2017 then you can enjoy Sonar for free, forever.


The regular cost of the service is detailed below:

There is no fixed contract term, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Get Cartridge World Sonar™ FREE of charge

To take advantage of this offer, simply complete the registration form below. One of our Cartridge World Business Programme Partners will respond within 24 hours with the log-in details and activation code so that you can start benefiting from the incredible insights that Sonar provides.


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