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Ink & Laser Toner Printer Cartridges from Cartridge World

Low Cost, High Quality Ink and Laser Toner Printer Cartridges


Cartridge World supplies top quality ink and laser toner printer cartridges that are compatible with all of the leading printer brands: HPEpsonCanonLexmarkBrotherKodakSamsung and more.

We are so confident our ink and toner cartridges will match, or perform even better than printer branded cartridges that we offer a 100% moneyback guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

We pride ourselves on finding the best value option for your printing needs and offer a large selection of services to help you. Whatever your requirement we will endeavour to provide you with a quick and convenient local service. We specialise in both inkjet and laser toner printer cartridges.


Our Quality

Our experts are constantly testing and researching new printing technologies to ensure our ink and laser toner printer cartridges are as good as, if not better, than the major cartridge brands.

Every one of our local branches is backed by our global research and development team, who have secured the prestigious Standardised Test Methods Committee (STMC) certification.

This is an international industry-standardised method, meaning we test the performance of our own laser cartridges against that of the printer-branded cartridges. This enables us to achieve the aim of providing print density equal to, or greater than that of the originals, as well as attaining a page yield that is 10% higher. Product cost versus performance is also objectively measured, enabling us to guarantee that the quality of our products actually exceeds that of the printer-branded cartridges.

Please see our Cartridge World Warranty certificate for more information. 


Our Guarantee

All Cartridge World branded cartridges are designed to meet the performance of the printer manufacturers’ cartridges. We are so confident in the quality that we offer a 100% moneyback guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.


Our Customers

  • Home: We stock the largest selection of ink and laser toner printer cartridges in the UK, and we strive to meet all the demands of our customer’s printing requirements.  All of our own brand cartridges are guaranteed to save you money against the printer manufacturers’ originals and our Cartridge World ink and laser toner printer cartridges are good for the environment too!
  • Business: Cartridge World Print Services provides a flexible range of printing solutions to meet the needs of your business whilst reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving business productivity.


The Inkjet Investigation conducted by Trusted Reviews ( proves that our cartridges are just as reliable as the printer brands - the only difference is that they cost less!